Engineering Surveys have built an extensive multidisciplinary focus over 32 years.

Engineering Surveys delivers expertise in construction surveying, mapping and spatial capture, boundaries, land divisions and land tenure advice

At Engineering Surveys we understand the importance of timely service in construction; one of our core company values is providing prompt, reliable and professional service.

Our philosophy is one of continuous innovation; we strive to provide excellence through practical application of the latest spatial technology, ultimately delivering you great value for money.

Whether your spatial requirements be for large-scale commercial, industrial or domestic applications, Engineering Surveys has the resources and expertise to under-pin the most demanding of projects.

Our staff are one of our greatest assets and have the qualifications, experience and technical know-how to assist you in any of your surveying requirements.

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At Leed we know that we can rely on Engineering Surveys to provide us with prompt and efficient service. Having worked with us for many years they understand our needs as well as the needs of our Clients...
Paul Teakle, Leed Engineering and Construction